Keep your corporation compliant easily

Corporate compliance can be puzzling.

SmallBiZ Secretary offers a comprehensive solution to the corporate compliance puzzle.


For only $99 per year (annual subscription), SmallBiZ Secretary will bring your corporation into compliance and keep it there by providing you the following tools:


Easy Action checklists and descriptions for each corporate action

Your corporate paperwork completed automatically

24/7 Compliance Monitor warns you of non-compliance

Library of 100's of general business, state, and federal legal forms

Quick and easy set up

Email reminders of any future "Compliance Events"

EZ filings of any state changes

Quick two step stock printer and ledger

Instant access to basic corporate info when you need it

Completion of annual meetings quickly and easily

State annual report reminders and filing assistance

Compliance even if it's been years since your last annual meeting

History and archive of all previous Actions and forms

Federal & state research areas


Only SmallBiZ Secretary offers ALL the pieces of the corporate compliance puzzle.


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