New INC or LLC Filing


Do want to form a corporation or limited liability company, but you still have questions:

Ø  which is best?

Ø  what state?

Ø  What paperwork is needed?

Ø  how long does it take?

Ø  what do you do after you’ve filed? 


These and many more questions will be answered below to help you figure out the filing process and works best for you.



How to File a New INC or LLC?


What is a Corporation?


What is an LLC?


When should you form a Corp. or LLC?


Choosing a Good Corporate Name


Choosing a formation state


How do you form a corporation or LLC?


What is the Incorporator or Organizer?


How much does it cost?


What are the State Filing Times?


What do you do after you have filed?


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Still Not Sure?

Try our DIY Incorporate process.  Step by step process for filing your new corporation or LLC in seven simple steps:


How to Manage Your Existing INC or LLC?

After your INC or LLC exists, there are other filings you may need to make, depending on your own situation.  Below are some of these filings:



What is Foreign Authority and when is it required?


How to Make Changes to your INC or LLC


Form more help with your INC or LLC changes, go to our HowTo? pages