What's Included? 



Expedited set-up of new C Corporation - Including state fees*

Registered Agent (1st Year)

Obtain two EINs (one for the Corp. and one for the 401K)

Deluxe Corporate Attaché Binder (Incl. desktop seal, stock certificates)

Specialized Bylaws – Protecting your corporation

Secretary compliance program (1st Year) – 24/7 corporate compliance mgmt system


Retirement Plan Setup

Plan setup customized to you (with biz investment special feature)

US Treasury Letter of Determination – Stating plan is “Qualified”

Certified business valuation for new businesses


Bank Account and Rollover Assistance

Corporate bank account & custodial account instructions

All forms to complete your rollover


What does it cost?

Normal charges


Less: SmallBiZ.com Customer Discount


Your total setup cost