What is the process? 

Our partner has been doing this for years and has set up a smooth process for your IRA rollover. This method is tried and test over many years, and completely approved by the IRS!

Here are the steps:

1. C Corp - We'll set up a C Corporation in your state for you and we'll pay for everything! This will include our partner's specially designed bylaws, created purposely to comply with stringent IRS rules. You do not want to set up your 401K Stock Ownership Retirement Plan without this.

2. Two EIN's - We'll obtain two EIN's (one for your Corp. and one for your retirement plan).

3. New 401K - Our partner will set up a new 401K Stock Ownership Retirement Plan within your Corporation. Once set up, you will be completely in control as trustee.

4. Rollover - You'll roll your retirement funds into the new 401K and then the 401K will purchase your stock from you. So, rather than owning Apple or some other public stock, your 401K will own stock in YOU Inc.!

5. CASH! NOW go buy a franchise, start a new business, expand, and so much more!

Before starting, you should know...
What are the requirements?