So let’s see what you have:

A great business idea

A passion and/or experience in your area

A desire to be successful

Some money or other resources

Do you think you are ready to start that small business???


Hold on a minute!  Before you jump in both feet and launch your small business, you should consider a few things first. 


This page and the resources covered here were developed by to help all those considering starting up a small business.  This is a subject we know pretty well as we have helped 10’s of thousands of new small businesses start-up over the last 12 years!  Let us help you.


We suggest your start at the beginning and read through each area after the next:



Are you ready to create the next Apple? – Planning is everything


The Importance of a Good Name – If you don’t take the time to choose a good business name, you might as well plan on failing!


How to make it official? – Find out what you have to do to make sure your business becomes official


When to form a corporation or LLC?


What is licensing and how to do this?


Building a team


When and how to hire staff?


Planning your marketing?


Let’s get social!


Execution is everything