About Us

For over twenty (20) years SmallBiZ.com had be one of the countries top creators of new corporations and LLCs, and one of a few innovators in the area of corporate compliance for small business owners. Supporting over 10,000 corporation or LLC owners & managers each year, we are constantly striving provide better services to small businesses all over the US.

This year, we plan to launch more products & services for your US corporation or LLC and thousands of pages of information to help your small business get stronger, bigger, and more profitable in this tough economy.

Anyone can file your US company, but few offer a complete filing & compliance service to make sure your stays compliant so that there is no hinderance to the day-to-day operation of your business.

Welcome to SmallBiZ.com!

Filing Services

These services are what created our company.  Starting in 1997, in Tucson, Arizona, we began forming corporations and LLC's for accountants and small businesses first in Arizona, and then in other states. After changing our name to SmallBiZ.com, Inc. in 1999, our services included every aspect of forming, changing or even dissolving a US INC or LLC.

Our chief concern was value. While everyone offered $99 filing services, we felt this could be offered for less and made more simple for you the small business owner.  Our SmallBiZ Filing Service has offered the $25 filing service for over 20 years now.  And we're still located in Arizona, U.S.A.

Compliance Services

Even though for twenty years, we have produced a Corporate Forms on CD to help customers with the details of maintaining their corporation, we found that literally 9 out of 10 of our customers had never even used the CD.  So, twelve (12) years ago, we developed SmallBiZ Secretary to automate the whole process of governing a corporation and keeping it compliant with state rules.  Thousands of users agree, nothing compares to the simplicity and comprehensiveness of SmallBiZ Secretary.

Eight years ago, we launched a version of Secretary just for our Affiliates (accountants, attorney's and other small business service providers). 

Other Help to Small Biz Owners => SmallBiZ Network

Every day we get asked questions about everything under the son concerning a small business.  To help small business owners, we provide multiple other sites and listings of free information.  We've added several thousand pages over the years of additional free information, How Tos, including learning videos to assist your business better.  Come, watch, & learn.