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We do not recommend that you select this option unless you have a good working knowledge of html. However, if you do, or if you have assistance from your web developer, this option will enable Your Affiliate Site to mimic your actual website so that users will feel like they are still on your website.

You have two options here: 1. Provide your own custom HTML, where you will be able to copy and paste (from your website) your header & footer html or 2. Use your own template page, where Your Affiliate Site will get the most up to date header & footer information from your website.

HINT: You could test this option and then choose another template later (see comments below).

Please Note: As is the case with all template options, you will at any time be able to change to another template option. If you do, but later decide to return to a previous template option, all of your previous work will still be there. To edit your template options later, simply click on the ?Your Affiliate Site? link in the Member Options folder (top right hand side of every page) and select ?Change Template Options.?

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