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1. An acronym for Bank for International Settlements, based in Basle, Switzerland. It has a primarily regulatory role in the international finance markets. It issues standards and policy lines for the conduct and liquidity requirements for banks and markets. It has several major committees and sub-committees concerned with specific areas of international finance. These committees include: Committee on netting schemes Deals with issues such as what policy guidelines are desirable for capital adequacy calculation requirements for bilateral netting. Sub-committee on market risk Examines developments in the worlds markets with regard to the risk that one or more market may collapse. Committee on credit risk In 1988 issued guidelines on credit risk. G10 Committee on banking supervision A forum for central banks. The BIS has also set standards for the risk-weighted capital (currently [in 1992] 8%) of banks. See also Credit institutions and Iosoc. 2. A software company selling the Midas banking system. Members Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Czechoslovakia Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom United States of America Yugoslavia

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