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Bank positions
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A way of collecting together similar transactions and balances so that bank staff can easily see an amount, which without a position may not be realized because it may be composed of thousands of small transactions executed over a period of time. An example of a common position would be a foreign currency position which tells you in total how many US dollars the bank has. Positions can trigger an action or decision which will either prevent the position from growing (and so increase a risk) or reduce the risk by covering it (See also the individual treasury products). Positions in can be created so that they relate to one or more of the following sorts of data or events: 1. Currency or group of currencies, 2. Product or group of products, 3. Country of counterparty or currency, 4. Transaction or group of transactions, 5. Date and time period or periods, 6. Customer or group of customers, 7. Account or group of accounts, 8. Type of industry, 9. Any combination of the above. A party related position can be a customer position if you want it to be.

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