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EIN Basic Service
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We assist you in getting your EIN
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Not sure how to go about getting your Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

Have you read the IRS' six pages of instructions and felt even more confused?

With our EIN Basic Service, we will help get you set for obtaining your EIN.  You'll receive:

>  A completed SS4 application (used for obtaining your EIN)
>  Easy one page instructions for obtaining your EIN in a matter of minutes
>  Assistance with any part of the process from one of our EIN experts

NOTE: We normally email you your SS4 application and our instructions AFTER we have confirmation from your formation state that your INC/LLC name has been accepted and your entity is formed. If you obtain your EIN sooner, you might have to change your name with the IRS if your name choice is not accepted by the state.

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