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FedEx Ground
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With this choice, all materials (i.e. paperwork & kit materials or other products) will be shipped to your physical business address via FedEx Ground.  Paperwork is shipped separately from our home office and kit materials and other products are shipped from a separate location.  So, if you ordered both, you will receive two shipments.

Although this is the default shipping method, you can select other shipping methods by clicking on "Click to view ALL shipping options" on the QUICK QUOTE page where it lists "Shipping & Handling".

Delivery Time - For estimated delivery times, click here.

US Shipments Only - For shipments to US addresses only.  International Shipping is available for shipping to addresses outside of the US (including Canada & Mexico).  All items will be shipped to the address you provide in your Contact Info (next step). 

Delivery to Business Address - If you provide a residence address as your delivery address, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for any lost or damaged deliveries.  Federal Express does not require a recipient's signature for a residential delivery.  Often deliveries to residences will be left at the door, leaving packages/mailers subject to theft or damage.  Once delivery is confirmed by FedEx, assumes no further responsibility.  Replacement of any materials/paperwork which are lost or damaged due to delivery to a residential address will be at your own cost.

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