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Fictitous Name
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When name used is not real name
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Any name a person uses which is not his or her real name.  Fictitious names are often used in conducting a business. (See Business below).   A fictitious name may also be used when filing a lawsuit against a party whose real name is unknown or when, with the consent of the court, it is appropriate to conceal the true name of the party. John Doe is often used for an unknown male and Jane Roe is used for an unknown female. For example, the most well known use of a fictitious name in a court case is Roe v. Wade, the case that established a woman's right to have an abortion without undue interference from the government. Jane Roe was a fictitious name for the plaintiff in that case.

The name used to conduct business. Often referred to as Assumed Name or Doing Business As.

See DBA.


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