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Filing Time
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The time it takes for an agency to complete a filing
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Corp & LLC Filings

For most corporations or LLCs, filing time is approximately one to six weeks. But this depends entirely on the state agency handling your Articles.  Filing time is also based on a number of variables:

Method of filing

Many state agencies offer an expedited type method of filing for an additional fee where they promise to review your filing in one to three business days.  However, not all do, so you will have to check to see.

Method of transmission

Obviously, if you transmit articles of incorporation/organization to a state agency via the US Mail vs. say by Fax (if available), it will take longer for the state agency to receive your filing.

Method of return of filing

Many state agencies also allow you to choose the method of receipt of your filing approval.  This is often by US Mail, but others will allow you to receive by fax, or email, or pre-paid delivery (i.e. FedEx).  Still others don't send you anything and only make the filing available online, available for download.  Again, check with your state agency and the submittal instructions, where you usually specify this.


For every state agency, the months of January through April are the busiest, as many wait until the first of the year to start their new INC or LLC.  Some state agencies see two to three or more times the amount of business they see in a normal month.  Unfortunately, most do not plan very well for this onslought of filings, including staffing up during those months, so plan on much longer filing times.

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