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Georgia Publishing Requirements
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All Corporations must publish a notice of intent to incorporate in the newspaper which is the official legal organ of the county where the initial registered office of the corporation is to be located, or in a newspaper of general circulation ins such county for which at least 60 percent of its subscriptions are paid. To get a list of legal organs, CLICK HERE (NOTE: This is in Adobe Format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, get it free here) or the Clerk of the Superior Court can advise you as to the legal organ in your county. The notice of intent to incorporate and a $40.00 publication fee should be forwarded directly to the newspaper no later than the next business day after filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State.

The notice should be in the following format:


Dear Publisher:

Please publish once a week for two consecutive weeks a notice in the following form:

Notice is given that articles of incorporation that will incorporate (Name of Corporation) have been delivered to the Secretary of State for filing in accordance with the Georgia Business Corporation Code (or Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code). The initial registered office of the corporation is located at (Address of Registered Office) and its initial registered agent at such address is (Name of Registered Agent).

Enclosed is a check in the amount of $40.00 in payment of the cost for publishing this notice.


(Authorized Signature)

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