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Multi-Agents Discount
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If you have three or more Active SmallBiZ Registered Agent services, set up for one or more companies, connected to your Login, each Active SmallBiZ Registered Agent renewal will receive a Multi-Agents Discount as follows:

          3 to 9 Agents = $10 discount for each Agents renewal (per year)

          10 or more Agents = $20 discount for each Agents renewal (per year)


  • Discount applies even if each service renews on different dates.
  • Companies can receive both Multi-Agents AND Agent-Secretary Discounts if eligible.
  • Active subscription is one that is not more than one day overdue.  If one of the qualifying subscriptions is one day or more past the due date when being renewed, and there are not enough additional Active Agents subscriptions to qualify, then Discount will not apply to any company.  NOTE:  Once "In-Active" subscription is brought current, other qualifying Agents renewals will then be eligible for Discounts (subject to eligibility requirements).
  • SmallBiZ Registered Agent services connected to different Logins do not count towards eligibility.  However, one or more SmallBiZ Registered Agent services may be transferred to a single Login, to meet eligibility requirements.
  • Discount only applies to renewals and not to new orders.
  • Discounts can only be applied online.  We cannot add this Discount or provide similar credits manually.  If Discount is not showing at renewal, company is not eligible for Discount.

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