BizTerm Definition
Name Servers, nameservers, DNS Servers, Domain Name Servers
Short Definition
Keeps track of where a particular domain name should point
Full Definition

A Name Server, or Domain Name Server, is an intermediary between your server(s) and the rest of the Internet. A single domain name may point to multiple physical machines, usually at least one Web server ( and one mail server ( When a Web user, or another server is trying to connect to "," it quickly asks the registered Name Server for "" what the address is for that sub-domain (IP address, which is the number that computers use to find each other on the Internet). You must submit at least one valid name server in order to register a domain. The name server used must be configured with information about where the Web server and mail server for your domain is located. For site owners, the nameservers are automatically configured when a domain is registered. Other users should contact their Web site hosting company.

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