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Nevada Share Value
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The value of a company's authorized shares
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In the state of Nevada, the Initial Filing Fee for profit corporations is based on the value of the total number of authorized shares stated in the articles of incorporation or Share Value. This is figured by: a. Multiplying the total authorized shares by their par value or; b. Multiplying the authorized shares by $1.00 if the par value is "0" or "no" or; c. Adding the sum of (a.) and (b.) if company authorizes both par and no par value shares. NOTE: The minimum par value for Nevada shares is one-thenth of a cent (.001), regardless if the stated pare value is less! In other words, if one tenth of a cent is the par value, the corporation can have up to 25,000,000 shares of authorized stock ($25,000 share value) and still pay the minimum filing fee.

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