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Choose a Package

Our services are very unique because we give YOU the choice to pick what YOU want: Not what we want to sell you. Yes, we even offer a couple of money saving packages:



Build Your Own

You have the freedom to choose the services YOU want.

NOTE: Compare this service to EVERY COMPETITOR. You'll find NO ONE offers this service for this price!

  • State Fees - We charge the actual state fees in your formation state.* Every competitor adds a mark up here: we do NOT!

  • SmallBiZ Filing Service - See why thousands use our filing service EVERY YEAR!

Complete Package

The most often ordered package (formally our Basic Package):

  • Same as above package plus ...

  • SmallBiZ Secretary** (compliance Service) - A truly unique service that only we offer

  • Deluxe Company Kit*** - Deluxe personalized binder, 20 stock/member certificates, desktop seal, tabs, etc. Simply the best on the market

  • Corporate Forms on CD** - Over 50 corporate compliance forms at your fingertips

  • Basic EIN Service - We assist your corporation in getting its Federal Tax ID

Premium Package

Simply the best. With Expedited Service, you cannot have a more complete package of services!



If you have any questions about this service, which you cannot answer on our website, please call us toll-free at 866-246-2669.



* In only those states designated, we have added publishing costs to the state fees. Otherwise, we charge exactly what the state charges.

** Only available with for-profit corporations

*** Deluxe Corporate Kits for LLC's include "member certificates" rather than stock certificates and also include an Operating Agreement on CD (with two operating agreement templates & bank authorization form)

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