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SmallBiz Secretary
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Your corporation or LLC must take care of certain compliance issues at set-up and throughout each year (i.e. adopt bylaws, document meetings, etc.).

If you don't, you potentially face back taxes, penalties and personal liability!

SmallBiz Secretary helps you stay compliant and manage ALL your corporate paperwork & filings for only $99 per year.

After answering a few questions, SmallBiZ Secretary automatically monitors your compliance requirements and reminds you (by email and on of upcoming compliance events. Then, Secretary will show you the actions you need to take and, in most cases, fill out the required paperwork/documentation for you. What could be easier?

PLEASE NOTE: SmallBiZ Secretary is currently only available for for-profit corporations. We are working on an LLC version, which will be launched shortly. We do not have immediate plans to launch a non-profit version.

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