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Standard position codes
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The following position codes are standard: 1. Open currency positions - 1. Open Currency Position per Currency. 2. Open Currency Position per Currency Group. 3. Total Open Currency Position. 2. Mismatch positions - 1. Overall Mismatch Position Spot. 2. Overall Mismatch Position Forward. 3. Mismatch Position per Book Spot. 4. Mismatch Position per Book Forward. 5. Mismatch Position per Product Spot. 6. Mismatch Position per Product Forward. 3. Liquidity positions - i 1. Liquidity Position Spot. 2. Liquidity Position Forward. 4. Other positions (for report printing) - 1. Capital and P&L Position. 2. C/A Nature Position. 3. B/S Difference Position. 4. Mismatch/Book. 5. Call Position. 6. Dummy Position for Nostro Projection. Refer also to the individual positions for further details and also the following reports: See also Position, position administration tables, combined position code, risk management, foreign exchange risk, forex, open currency position, mismatch, interest risk, liquidity risk, forward revaluation, interest revaluation, break even and nostro projection.

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