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The "State Fees" listed are the exact fees charged by your state for the formation of your entity (except as described below). We do NOT mark up or add to this figure. Although we attempt to display the most accurate figure, we cannot guarantee your state's total fee, which is subject to periodic changes (again by the state). If a state fee is higher, you would be responsible for the additional state fee. If a state fee is lower, we will refund this difference to you.


See below for additional state fee requirements:

    • Professional or Non-Profit Corporations -Other state agency fees may apply for professional corporations & non-profit corporations. These fees can range from $30 to $130 or more, depending on your corporation's profession and/or purpose. Once your order is submitted, we will notify you of any additional state fees and you will have the opportunity to pay the additional fees or we will refund your order in full. NOTE: Due to other state agency involvement filing times may be substantially higher than listed on our website.


Publishing - Publishing fees are NOT included in state fees! NY LLC's will be required to publish a notice to two publishers and file affidavits with the Dept. of State to proove publishing occurred. These fees can total several $100. We will provide a do-it-yourself publishing packet for LLC Orders, enabling you to obtain the lowest price for publishing

Post Filing Requirements & Fees - State Fees do NOT in anyway include any fees or reports/filings that are due AFTER the filing of your articles. Many states (i.e. Nevada & California) have additional reports and statements due shortly after your filing date. We always recommend that you research the state in which you want to file BEFORE you place your order. Go to NY State Requirements page of SmallBiZ Research Center for more info on your state's requirements.

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