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Statement of Information
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California version of Annual Report
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(Above form is for Corporations)
The Secretary of State of California requires that all California domestic and foreign Corporations & Limited Liability Companies file a Statement of Information within 90 days of the entity's registration date with the Secretary of State, and annually thereafter, with a nominal filing fee of $25 (or $20 for an LLC). 

The Statement of Information, as the name implies, provides to the state the entity's current information as part of the California statutory disclosure requirements. 

In addition to the filing deadlines imposed on INCs and LLCs, a Statement of Information must be filed every time there is a change to the entity's information (i.e. change in address, registered agent, or officers/directors ( or managers/members for LLC).

For more information about California's annual filing requirements, including Statement of Information, visit our California SmallBiZ pages:

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