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Sub S Filing Assistance
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Subchapter S Filing to IRS
Many corporations have found incredible tax benefits by becoming a S Corp! However, a new corporation must request this "election" from the IRS fairly quickly after formation with the state or it will be taxed as a C Corporation. Further, if not requested in a timely maner, S status will be unobtainable until the next fiscal tax year.

We make becoming a Sub S Corp. easy! After we have formed your corporation, we will prepare the required IRS form and mail it to you, nearly complete, with instructions for signature and faxing to the IRS. You just review, sign and fax. Your corporation can then operate as an S Corporation for tax purposes on the date elected (again subject to the timely filing of the form). The IRS will later notify your corporation that its "S election" has been accepted.

NOTE: Even if you ordered this service, YOU STILL MUST SIGN AND MAIL/FAX in the REQUIRED IRS Form #2553 in a timely fashion. If YOU do not, your corporation will NOT be able to claim S status with the IRS.

NOTE: Your state taxing agency may offer a tax preference for S corporations, which may require an additional application. Check with your state's Dept. of Revenue (or like agency) for further information.

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