IRS Shuts Down Many International EIN?s

By Michael Banner - Apr 30, 2019      Comments     

 The IRS has recently ruled (IR-2019-58) that effective May 13, only individuals with tax identification numbers may request an Employer Identification Number or EIN as the “responsible party” on the application. A responsible party is generally the person who ultimately owns or controls the entity or who exercises ultimate effective .. ( Read More )

Tags: EIN  International EIN  

Today's Tax Deadline

By Michael Banner - Mar 15, 2019          

March 15th is D-Day for many business entities. Why? It's the date of two crucial tax deadlines. Many businesses are not even aware of what the potential significance of this date. And those who are, often get it confused with other deadlines. Here are two you should be aware of .. ( Read More )

The Illinois Dividend for LLC's

By Michael Banner - Dec 24, 2017      Comments     

Here's something you don't see too often. On 12/20/2017, the Illinois Secretary of State announced a new law reducing the filing fees for domestic and foreign limited liability companies (LLC's). I know, we were shocked as well. It begs the question why? Being one of the top taxing states in the .. ( Read More )

Tags: Illinois Filing Fees  

Nevada Adds Another Tax and Regulatory Burden on Small Biz

By Michael Banner - Aug 7, 2017          

Another regulatory burden has befallen all Nevada businesses and business entities registered in Nevada. Since most businesses form entities in Nevada to avoid taxes and regulations from their own home state, Nevada’s new Commerce tax and annual filing requirements are but one more reason to go elsewhere. August 14th 2017 .. ( Read More )

IRS Scam Alert

By Michael Banner - Apr 18, 2017      Comments     

One of our Hawaiian customers received a voicemail from the IRS claiming that there were multiple errors in her new LLC 's Articles of Organization and if she didn't call back by the end of that day, they would "reject the documents!" There's only one problem... This wasn't the IRS. .. ( Read More )

Tags: scam alert  scams  Hawaii  LLC  Articles of Organization  

Arizona New LLC/INC Savings

By Michael Banner - Jan 18, 2017      Comments     

Since we began forming Arizona corporations and LLCs in 1999, one of the biggest costs was for publishing a notice in a local county newspaper. In Pima and Maricopa counties, this added from $60 to $100's in additional costs to the process. It was even more in more rural counties, which offered .. ( Read More )

Tags: Arizona Publishing  

Nevada Doubles Annual Fees for INC?s

By Michael Banner - Jun 26, 2015          

The tax burden facing small business owners continues to grow every year, even in Nevada. If you run a Nevada Corporation or Limited Liability Company, be prepared to get your corporate checkbook out. On July 1st, all initial and annual fees for Corporations are going to double from $325 to a .. ( Read More )

Tags: Nevada Fees  Nevada Corporation  Nevada LLC  

Mississippi Adds LLLPs

By Michael Banner - Mar 17, 2015          

Okay, this may not be something to write home about, but the MS SOS informed us that the Mississippi Uniform Limited Partnership Act will update and modernize limited partnership law in Mississippi. Updates include providing a clearer protection for limited partners, perpetual duration for limited partnerships, expanded purposes for limited .. ( Read More )

Tags: Mississippi  LLLP  

More Florida Scam Notices Coming Your Way

By Michael Banner - Jan 15, 2014      1 Comments     

  At least one more company (see  Florida Center of Corporations ), is sending fraudulent forms to Florida Corporation or LLC owners that look as if they are from the Florida state government, alarming unsuspecting businesses into paying from $47.99 to $68.72 for a service they don’t need. One of .. ( Read More )

Supreme Court Decision Green-Lights Internet Sales Tax

By Michael Banner - Dec 3, 2013      Comments     

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to get involved in an and state tax case, effectively giving states the authority to tax companies who do not have a physical presence in that state.   Since the Quill V. .. ( Read More )

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