California LLC Annual Requirements

What do you have to file every year to maintain your LLC's charter in California?


Annual Filing Requirements


Annual Statement of Information

Every year your California LLC must file with the Secretary of State of California an Annual Statement of Information (LLC-12), which is a reporting of your addresses, officers, directors, & registered agent.



The fee for filing the annual Statement of Information is $20 plus 
a $5 disclosure fee (domestic stock corporations only), for a total 
of $25, made payable to the Secretary of State. Failure to pay by 
required date will result in a $250 penalty.


Form LLC 12 - For initial & annual statement filings, as well as changes to previous filings

Online Filing - Currently the state does not offer this option for LLCs

Due Date:

Annually by the last day of the anniversary month of the initial filing date.


LLC Franchise Tax

Every year your California LLC must file an Annual Franchise Tax Return with the Franchise Tax Board, regardless of whether your LLC is profitable or not, and regarless of whether or not it is conducting operations.  Its existance in California requires it to file a Franchise Tax Return every year.



All LLCs are subject to the $800 minimum franchise tax (even those filing taxes as a disregarded entity).


Form 568 - 2013 Limited Liability Company Return of Income (Form 568 Booklet)

Form 565 - 2013 Partnership Return of Income (Form 565 Booklet)

Form FTB 3522 - 2013 LLC Tax Voucher

Index of Forms - California Corporation Taxpayer Forms 1994-2012

Due Date:

First annual tax payment is due on the 15th day of the 4th month after the filing date. Each year's subsequent filing is due on the 15th day of the 4th month of the end of the tax year, or April 15th for calendar year filing. So, if you filed a new LLC on November 10th, the following year you would owe $800 on March 15th and another $800 on April 15th.



Annual Governance Requirements


Every regular California LLC must do the following as defined by California Limited Liability Company Code:
- To provide any limitations or define management duties of members/managers, other than in the articles of organiztion, an LLC must have an operating agreement (§ 17150)