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Incorporate MORE Profits Into Your Practice

CTC & SmallBiZ.com have come together to offer Your Affiliate Site to incorporate more profits into your practice.  With this private label tool, you can offer incorporation & LLC formation services in all 50 states + DC to your clients on your website!


What Is Your Affiliate Site?

SmallBiZ.com's powerful incorporation ordering system has be customized so that YOU can offer INC & LLC formation services to your clients from your own website. 


INC/LLC services on YOUR Website


YOU determine YOUR level of effort


Offer these services online or off


YOU determine the price


YOU determine YOUR profit per order


YOUR look, YOUR logo, & YOUR brand


Leader In Incorporation Services

SmallBiZ.com has been a leading nationwide provider of incorporation and LLC formation services for over 10 years.   We understand your need for control of your clients.  We are perfectly happy to get paid to provide our lowest cost, professional services and allow you to take all the credit. 

With Your Affiliate Site, you orcestrate the filing proces: you choose the services you want SmallBiZ.com to provide PLUS the services you wish to provide (if any) PLUS the profit you wish to make on each incorporation order.


Affiliate Sign up

Sign up is quick and easy, and best of all becoming an Affiliate and using the Your Affiliate Site Private Label is FREE!


Benefits to Being an Affiliate

As an affiliate, you can order directly too.  Either way, there are many benefits to being an Affiliate:


Your orders receive the highest priority


Package materials are upgraded (not even available to non-Affiliates)


Free Shipping


Receive SmallBiZ.com's best price and best service




(For CTC clients ONLY)

Become a SmallBiZ Affiliate &

Your first Incorporation or LLC formation is FREE*

(You pay only the costs and we provide our great service for FREE)!





Contact Information


Michael Banner


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  520.881.3989

Toll-free: 866.246.2669

Fax: 734.468.6219 



How to Get the 1st Order Discount

* "FREE" refers to our CTC 1st Order Discount, where SmallBiZ.com's Expedited Service fee for handling the filing and formation of an INC or LLC is waived (normally $40), making the total cost of the order equivilent to just SmallBiZ.com's costs (i.e. all state fees, mailing costs, etc.).  This "CTC 1st Order Discount" only applies to New or existing CTC Affiliates, who place their first paid incorporation or LLC formation order after June 18th, 2010.  First order must be placed within 6 months of your Affiliate sign up date.  Additional services & or products ordered with the first order are extra.  To receive the discount, you must notify us and request the CTC 1st Order Discount AFTER you have submitted your 1st order and we will rebate our $40 fee ($25 for non-Expedited orders).




SmallBiZ.com is a filing service and does not offer legal or accounting advice.