Annual Delaware Franchise Taxes

Every Delaware LLC must pay franchise taxes, but they do not have to file an annual report (like Delaware corporations).


The annual fee is a flat $300 regardless of

> Income

> Assets

> Number of Members/Managers

> Age of LLC


Due Date

Every limited liability company’s taxes are due on or before June 1stif that LLC was formed in a previous year. So, if your LLC is formed this

year, its first franchise tax payment is due next year.

If Late

If an LLC pays its taxes after its due date, it will incur a $200 late fee penalty, plus be assessed a 1.5% monthly interest until the tax is fully paid.


Notification of Taxes

The Delaware Division of Corporations sends all tax notices to the registered agent, usually two months prior to the 6/1 due date. However, the LLC is responsible for to pay its taxes on or before the due date, and cannot use the exuse that it didn't receive the notice to avoid penalties.

How to Pay

Limited liability companies can only pay online on the Division of Corporation’s website. To pay this do the following:

1. Get your LLC’s file number HERE.

2. Go HERE, enter your file number and submit your payment.



If an LLC doesn’t pay its fees after two years it will become “Voided” by the Delaware Division of Corporations. This means that the LLC’s existence has been extinguished. Some other states call this Administrative Dissolution.


If an LLC has been "voided" it can be reinstated. See our reinstatement page for more details.