Incorporate Yourself

Are you ready to Incorporate your small biz?  Over the next few pages, we are going show you how to incorporate (i.e. form an INC or LLC) for FREE!  Ok, it’s not exactly free as you still must pay your state's fees.  We want to give you some of what we've learned over the past 12 years incorporating 10's of thousands of entities in every state.  Again, we won't charge you a cent for this information.  

Before teaching you how to form your new INC or LLC, we will help you to understand how to choose your entity type & which formation state to choose.  Then, after forming your INC or LLC, we will help you to find out what post-filing requirements you have, how to get your EIN, and how to keep your Corporation or LLC compliant with your state's statutes long after formation.

If you want to order our SmallBiZ Filing Service (only $25), you can do so at any point.

Even if you are planning to purchase our SmallBiZ Filing Service, but you unsure of what entity type or what formation state you should choose, we encourage you to go through the next couple of steps.


Why are we doing this?

Let's be clear, we want you to choose our SmallBiZ Filing Service for only $25 more.  However, we understand that you might want to do-it-yourself.  We set up the Do-It-Yourself Incorporate process for you as well as for those who want to know about the incoporation steps before purchasing our service.  Even if you D.I.Y., along the way, we hope to interest you in some of our other valuable services for your new INC or LLC.


Comparison: DIY vs. SmallBiZ Filing Service

Although you can download most state filing forms for free, directly from your state’s filing agency website (see upcoming pages for links and details on how to do this), to create or make changes to your entity; there is a lot more to the incorproration process than just downloading a form. 





SmallBiZ Filings

Cost includes:




 Document preparation

30 Min. to 5 Hrs.


5 Min.

 Name Availability check

5 Min. to 30 Min.



 Review filing

5 to 15 Min.



 Find quickest method

5 to 15 Min.



 Submit to the state

5 to 10 Min.



 Follow up if not ready

10 Min to 1 Hr.



 Resubmit if rejected

10 to 30 Min.



 Review Approval

5 to 15 Min.



 Digital copies

2 to 10 Min.




1+ Hour to 9+ Hours


5 Min.


Also Consider This...



 Filing Experience


12 Years +

10's of 1000’s of filings with every state agency

 Knowledge of what your state is looking for with your filing docs



Not associated with government agencies

Just so there is no confusion, is not associated in any way, either directly or indirectly with any local, state, or federal governmental agency.  We are offering the information on our website free of charge in hopes that you will find our filing and other services compelling and valuable.  We will provide links and information through-out to help you decide whether you want to Do-It-Yourself or have us assist you.

NOTES about Do-It-Yourself

The Do-It-Yourself Incorporate pages are provided as an informational web-based offering only, and do NOT include phone or email assistance from SmallBiZ Filing’s staff.  The DIY/Incorporate pages will include information on; downloading forms, preparing documents, submitting to the state, following up with the state agency, or making corrections.  If you have questions about any of the forms or the filing process after going through Do-It-Yourself Incorporate steps, you will have to call your state's filing agency

To get unlimited phone assistance and have us file your INC or LLC, you will need to purchase the SmallBiZ Filing Service for $25.  Just click the “I’d rather have SmallBiZ Filings do this for $25” button below to get more information and to order this service.