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Step VI: Obtain EIN

Your INC or LLC’s EIN or Employer Identification Number is like your personal social security number or bar code for your entity. It is most commonly referred to as a Federal Tax ID Number. Even if your entity is not going to hire employees, it will need one as it is used for all sorts of things, including bank accounts, vendor accounts, and sometimes state tax identification.

Where to get an EIN

An EIN or Employer Identification Number is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for no charge at their website at  The IRS enables you to obtain an EIN by fax (fax-filing Form SS4), Phone (by calling their “Tele-TIN” phone line), or online.


Let us get your EIN for you!’s EIN Services can make this process easy.

We can either assist you with our EIN Basic Service ($25) or we can obtain your entity’s EIN with our Full Service ($50).

We obtain thousands of EIN’s for our clients each year, so we are very familiar with the process.


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