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Step I: Choose your Entity

Before you get started, you must first choose your entity type:

C Corporation,

S Corporation, or

Limited Liability Company

To help you make this decision, we have provided the following resources:

Entity Comparison

INC or LLC – Which is better?

What is an S Corporation

Save Big Tax Money – Go Sub S

Corporation FAQs



The Decision MakerTM

Still not sure which entity type to choose?
The Decision Maker will help you decide which entity type is best for your situation.
NOTE: Results are a
rule of thumb and should not replace proper legal or tax advice from a licensed professional.

   CLICK To Launch Decision Maker

What about state’s Filing Requirements?

Before you go any further, consider the cost to maintain your corporation or LLC. The difference in state taxes could be enormous between one entity or another. Select your state from the drop-down menu and review the sections titled "Annual Filing Requirements" under both Corporations & Limited Liability Companies.

Once you have decided your entity type,
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