Scam Alert - Florida Center of Corporations

By Michael Banner - Mar 28, 2013     


A Florida company is currently attempting to deceive unsuspecting small business owners who have just formed a new corporation or LLC in Florida and receive money by pretending to be the Secretary of State of Florida.  “Florida Center of Corporations” is sending letters to newly formed Florida INC's & LLC's indicating “You have one step left to receive your Florida Certificate of Status”, they are instructed to complete their filing by filling out a stub and to “mail back to the corporations center with your payment of $54.47 (some recent mailings have said $47.99) to complete your articles of organization certificate.” 


The problem...  It's a SCAM! 

The filing described was already completed and “Florida Center of Corporations” is not affiliated with the Secretary of State of Florida.



Why is this a Scam?

We are calling this a scam because the only service Florida Corporations Center is providing is to obtain a Certificate of Status (or good standing) from the Secretary of State of Florida.  The state only charges either $8.75 (for an INC) or $5 (for an LLC) for this. provides the service of obtaining certificates like the Certficate of Status for $10 (plus the state fee).  If an INC or LLC owner truly wanted a certificate of status, then FL Corporations Center is providing a service, albeit a pretty expensive one at 5 to 10 times the actual cost.  However, we label this a Scam because the correspondence is made deceptively like it is coming from a government agency.  This is wrong and small business owners should avoid doing business with any company that operates in this manner.

Notice sent Florida Small Business Owners:



So, just who is Florida Center of Corporations?

The Florida Center of Corporations is a fictitious name filed only in April by Thomas Fred, via his company L Seven Development LLC.  The Better Business Bureau doesn’t think too highly of them as they are rated the worst grade of “F”.


Florida Center of Corporations

Current Address:  5810 N Monroe St., Suite 210a Tallahassee, FL  32303
(This is NOT a physical business address; it is a mail drop address operated by Goin' Postal.  It is the most recent address we have, reported to us on 11/9/13)
Former Address: 4650 SW 51 Street Suite 702, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33314
(See picture above)

BBB Rating:  F (see here)


Entity Type: Fictitious Name

Filed:  02/01/2013

Registration Number:  G13000011400

Document Number:  L10000111034



Document Number: L10000111034

Phone: (954) 237-5152

Fax: (954) 237-6651

BBB:  Not Accredited: 6 complaints as of March 28th, 2013 (see here)
Owner:  FRED, THOMAS HJR (Managing Member)
1221 STIRLING RD.,  UNIT 120,  DANIA BEACH, FL 33004

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Lashina Mack 1/18/16

Thank you for writing this article. My business partner received 2 notices sent to his home. One from Florida State Filing and the other from Labor Compliance Service. Both scams!! Florida State Filing threatened us with a deadline date and a threat that the certificate of status is required from the Secretary of State. They are asking for $68.42. Funny because on, it is only $5. It can all be done online.

jeff cavalovitch 10/8/15


Carolyn Boddie 9/16/15

I too received these deceptive mailings from F S F , Ft Meyers FL. and Florida State Compliance, Tallahassee FL. shortly after filing for my LLC. When I researched, I found this site and read complaints as far back as 2013. I could not believe these predatory business continue to operate. This is insane!!

William Morrison 8/17/15

Not just Florida entities. I just received a very similar one for my North Carolina LLC just formed. Payment address Hallandale Fl 33008. Company name "North Carolina State Compliance". This letter was for payment for required labor posters. The return address in the letter was an empty building in Raleigh NC. The payment form when detached had no information about my LLC, no address nothing. No way for them to return the posters when printed. By the way they are free through the state.

Joseph Laskis 8/14/15

continued from my post below: They run their front as the LEC Compliance Group and apparently have a lot of fake names trying to hide. Take the few minutes to report them and DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY!

Joseph Laskis 8/14/15

So I did some research and actually found the guy who runs this business. His name is Cesar Estevez and he runs several other businesses. I found the number for one of them, Pronto Fix, and called. I was transferred to him and I discussed the mail I received. He represented himself as being from state compliance and said I received the information notice because I was a new business. He repeated the costs and the date I was to reply by. He said I would receive posters and that I had to have them if I had employees. Pronto Fix 331 E Hallandale Beach Blvd Hallandale Beach FL 33009 (954) 367-7477 I'm also seeing the name Edwin Rodriguez there as well, but I don't know how involved he is, but he's listed in the articles of incorporation. I've reported them to the AG and I hope you all do as well. Feel free to call and talk to Cesar too. He has another location for his store nearby at: 105 Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 (754) 223-4967 They run their front as the LE

Kevin Hopfer 8/5/15

My husband and I just opened our Food Truck business and received the $68.42 payment request form in the mail. So glad I checked out this website! This document also does not contain a phone number or physical street address. The business is listed as F.S.F PO Box 61131, Ft Myers FL 33906.

Chesly Cherizol 7/30/15

I just opened Air conditioning duct systems llc in Orlando Fl 32818,after filling my workers comp status ,I got two of these letters. One says I must comply with fl labor law for 84.00 dollars ,and the other 2015 certificate of status for 68.42 what through me off was there is no phone number ,the address was ''Florida state compliance PO BOX 219 HALLANDALE FL 33008-9853. And the other again fl state compliance 113 s monroe st Tallahassee fl 32301-1591. Thanks to this website it only cost me 5 bucks The transaction information is listed below: Receipt Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Transaction Date/Time: 07/30/2015 06:28 AM Card Number: XXXX XXXX XXXX 8314 Card Type: MC Approval Code: xxxxxxxxxxx Payment Amount: 5.00 Tracking Number: CUxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Document Number: L15xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nancy Hunt 7/11/15

The newest scamster, Florida Corporate Council, is renting a space out of a Regis Office on the 12th floor, 841 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL. No telephone number could be found. I stopped payment on my $65 just in time!

Nancy Hunt 7/11/15

The scamsters are QUICK and are also going by the name "Florida Corporate Council", 841 Prudential Drive, 12th Floor, Jacksonville, FL 32207. A Corporate Certificate of Status Reminder Notice is sent right after you set up your organization, invoicing your company $65. Thank you for this community alert website!

Michael Black 6/19/15

Bradley, you received the same notices I did. That is crazy... and a bit scary.

Michael Black 6/19/15

Thank you so much. I just started an LLC and was just on my way out to the mailbox to mail them off. I knew something didn't seem right seeing as how I already paid the fees (so I thought) and hence the google search for "Florida State Compliance Center". If you want to know exactly what they sent me and under which address let me know so I can get you up to date on what they're using to lure innocent business owners. Thanks again for the heads up.

Bradley Barrett 5/26/15

Thank you so much for sharing this. I just got 2 notices but I had already paid for my certificate of service thru SunBiz. I was reading thru the comments and it looks like they have the same address but change their name. One was under United Certificate Services 113 South Monroe Street 1st Floor Tallahassee, FL 32301 they wanted $47.00 . then there was Florida State Compliance Center Processing Center P.O. Box 273 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 they wanted $58.43

Yoelbis Araujo 4/30/15

Thanks for the info. We got two letters just like that therefore they still doing the same scam now a days 4/30/2015.

Brian Pritt 4/5/15

Michael - thanks to your information on this solicitation scam I didn't fall prey and send them money. Like many others, I too recently started an LLC business in Florida and began receiving communications from United Certificate Services requesting money for the final step in forming the LLC. I used the information you provided and followed your link to the Florida AG's office and filed a complaint against the company. I received a follow-up letter from Filipe Franca who is an Investigative Research Assistant for the Florida Office of the Attorney General, and he commented that "The Tallahassee Bureau of the Consumer Protection Division has an active case against this company and its business practices. We are proceeding forward with the investigation into the company and their operators, and intend to take the action necessary to prevent additional Floridians from being taken in by these deceptive mailings". I encourage everyone who receives these types of deceptive solicitations

Michael Banner 7/15/14

Thank you Joshua & everyone else who have shared their examples of these fraudulent mailings. <BR><BR> Again, I stress, READ - READ - READ whatever is sent to you! These companies count on you not paying attention and ass-uming it's the government. You also need to do your homework. If you have a Florida INC or LLC, it YOUR responsibility to know what you are required to file in your state (see Then, you'll know if it is not required, it is a solicitation.

Joshua Petrik 7/15/14

I just got a letter from the Florida State Compliance Center saying I owed $58.43 for my certificate of status request. Is this the same place? The return address is going to Processing Center 606 Gladiola st ste 574 merritt Island, FL, 32952 Why would I be sending any paperwork to Merritt Island!?

Andy Artessa 6/20/14

We just moved to Florida from NY. We were hit with this scam as soon as we filed!!!! So far we have received 2 "bills" and were told by SunBiz that it is a scam and that we may receive more & not to pay them. We admin a few Cape Coral pages & warned people of this. Please do the same. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and State Attorney Generals Office. When we found out about the scam we wrote a letter to the scammers on the blank back. Please make sure you advise others of this. If we all stick together then maybe someone who may have been scammed will see this and not feed into it

James Mekler 6/8/14

I just filled two complaints with the state attorneys office in reference to the scam attempt from FCFS and Fl state compliance center.

James Mekler 6/8/14

I just recently received two letters one from FCFS on Monroe St and the Fl state compliance center in Merritt Island asking for money. I thought this must be a scam right away because when I filed I paid extra for the certified certificate of status. Second, at the bottom of each letter in small print mind you it said they were not a government agency.

Garrick Plonczynski 4/8/14

This is disgusting! I was scammed here. I knew something didn't seem right from the start but against my better judgement I sent the money. I wish I had found this website sooner. I filed my complaint with the state. I hope something is done and plan on calling Pam Bondi's Office immediately in the morning to see what needs to be done to press charges. Thanks to everyone who posted here. I am furious at this kind of crap!

Lisa Roberts 3/10/14

Sorry, the second letter came from F.S.C. (Florida certificate of status).

Lisa Roberts 3/10/14

Thank you Michael for sharing this info on this scam. You also saved us over $100. Received two requests from this company. Now called 1) corporate filing services center, 14359 miramar parkway #123, miramar, fl 33027, asking for $68.72. 2)F.C.S., 113 s Monroe st 1st floor, Tallahassee, fl 32301-1529. They both look professional. The one from Tallahassee has on the back page :beware of duplicates charging more than $50. Thank you again for sharing this scam with the public.

Glory Jean 2/20/14

I received a four letters from them. It wasn't until the fourth letter that I got suspicious. Now I have to go through the whole legal process of getting my money back. I don't like being lied to, mislead or taken advantage of so this company is in for a rude awakening.

Ryan KillKelley 1/20/14

I just started an LLC in January 2014. I received 2 requests form this group. The first: The new name of this company is Florida Corporate Filing Services. Same address in Tallahassee. The second Florida State Corporations, found written into their logo in tiny font. Address is 113 S Monroe St. 1st floor, Tallahassee FL 32301 This one says, in TINY writing on the back, that by using their services, you're not allowed to take any negative action against them, arbitration will be binding, so on and so on... Both are looking for around 50.00 to complete and process my Certificate of Status. The language is awesome, very professional. "Banks will often require a Certifica of Status from a business both when opening bank accounts as well as when obtaining financing, so most people make sure and order one." So most people make sure and order one? Very professional... OMG, thank you for this article. It looks like this company now has 2 names and is operating out

Michael Banner 11/11/13

Hi Mark Lazarewicz - Giving Florida Corporate Filing Service the benefit of the doubt (I wouldn't do that) and they are actually providing you something, they are probably giving you a Certificate of Status/Good Standing. The Secretary of State charges $8.75 for this and you do NOT need it! If you do, you can always order it directly from the SOS of Florida, or if you need help, you can go to a legitimate filing service like our SmallBiZ Filing Service. The problem is that they send this notice purposely to look like it is coming from a governmental agency. THIS IS FRAUD and they should be stopped! Please report them to the state's Attorney General (see the link in my 4/25/13 post). They are counting on you 1.) not reading their mail and 2.) not reporting them to the AG's office. Please stop them from this fraud! Thank you for your post.

Mark Lazarewicz 11/9/13

sorry my letter is from Florida Corporate Filing Service 5810 N monroe st suite 210a Tallahassee The form has small print this is not a goverment Agency they want 47.99 and actually ask for a 4 digit credit card Security code CCV

Mark Lazarewicz 11/9/13

sorry my letter is from Florida Corporate Filing Service 5810 N monroe st suite 210a Tallahassee The form has small print this is not a goverment Agency they want 47.99 and actually ask for a 4 digit credit card Security code CCV

Mark Lazarewicz 11/9/13

I just got 3 of these and was suspicious about giving any bank info to anybody was going to send a money order. I guess my question is this document required? it appears to be optional and I was wondering what purpose it serves . one letter claimed i need this to open a bank acoount which was not the case. Glad I googled this before buying a money order

Michael Banner 10/16/13

To Joshua and all others: We posted this so that others could see this scam and hopefully avoid it. We REALLY hate this kind of thief! Unfortunately, unless you 1. Report this scam to the Attorney General (see my post from 4/25/13 below) when it happens to you & 2. Read first what you receive (don't assume it is from your state); this company, and others like it, will continue to prey on unsuspecting Small biz owners.

Joshua Stein 10/15/13

You just saved us over $150 for nothing. You can get a real LLC Certificate of Status at Sunbiz for $5. You're my hero right now.

robert koenig 6/7/13

Thanks for that advice. That form really looks like it is official. They even added a DR from number..I just filed a complaint

Michael Banner 4/25/13

Florida entities continue to receive these notices. I just posted a copy of one received by one of our clients today (4/25/13). If you have received one, DO NOT SEND THIS COMPANY ANY MONEY! We recommend you file a complaint with the state Attorney General's Office using their <a href="">online complaint form</a>.