Fictitious Name Filing
Fictitious Name Filing Assistance ($25 + State Fees)

When your INC or LLC needs to operate a business it owns under a name which is different than its own, it must file a Fictitious Business Name (Also DBA & Assumed Name) either with the county or state in which the entity is located. We prepare filing documents and send to you along with our instructions. All you will need to do is review (per our instructions), sign, attach a check for state fees, and place in the mailer we've provided you. The state will return your filiing receipt and/or file stamped copy.

NOTE: Some states require that you file in the county rather than the state. If your state requires county filing, we will not be able to assist you. Call us if you have questions.

To order, CLICK HERE and then choose the type (INC or LLC Products/Services), and your state. Then selecte "Other Filings" and then "Fictitious Name".