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As one of the country's top corporate filers we get asked 100's of times a week, questions like “How do I form a corporation?”, or “How do I make changes to my INC or LLC?”, or “How do I register in other states?” 


Additionally, we get questions about most every subject regarding owning and running a small biz.


To help you, we’ve developed this “How To” section on our website.  So what is your question?  We probably have the answers to your questions.


Below we’ve listed some of the more common "How to" questions we've answered recently.


Forming a Corporation or LLC

How to convert a sole proprietorship to an LLC?

How to decide how many shares of stock to authorize?

How to choose a filing date?


Making Changes to a Corporation or LLC

How to amend your articles?

How to convert your LLC to an S Corporation?

After making changes, find out How to notify the IRS of changes to EIN

How to file for foreign authority (for either an INC or LLC)


Corporation Changes

How to change your C Corp. to an S Corp.

How to change your INC's Shareholders?

How to change your INC's Officers?

How to change your INC's Directors?

How to change your INC's Authorized Stock?

How to change your Corporation's Name?

How to dissolve your Corp?

How to move your Corporation to another state?

LLC Changes

How to change your LLC's members?

How to change your LLC Name?

How to dissolve your LLC?

How to move your LLC to another state?

How to merge two or more LLCs?

Small Business Issues

How to get a DUNS Number?

How to apply for an EIN?


On ("How To" on the website)

How to login

How to change your login info

How to order

How to change my credit card info

How to change/update your address information




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