Form an INC or LLC in Wyoming 

Incorporate in Wyoming

·  For $125.00 (incl. state fees)

·  Packages available with further discounts

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Form an LLC in Wyoming

·   For $125.00 (incl. state fees)

·   Packages available with further discounts

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Look what SmallBiZ will do for only $25:

·  Review your order

·  Check WY name availability

·  Prepare WY filing documents

·  File w/ WY Secretary of State

·  Email you notifications & updates

·  24/7 Online tracking

·  Digital copy of approved docs

·  Originals shipped to you

·  What's Next checklist - You will know what to do next

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What makes Wyoming so darn good?

·  Low cost to file ($100 state fee)

·  $50 annual filing fee

·  No post-filing requirements or fees

·  Inexpensive certificates, amendments, etc.

·     Anonymity - Manager or director* names not reported

·     Pro-business laws

·     Simple process to move INC/LLC to Wyoming from other states

Read more about Why to Incorporate (or form an LLC) in Wyoming


  * Corporations, must publically list one officer



Wyoming Research - Annual Filing Requirements, downloadable forms, & more!

Wyoming Continuance - How to move your existing INC/LLC to Wyoming

Wyoming Registered Agent - What is it and why is it needed?

WY Name Check - Quickly check your name

(Note: We will check your name availability when you order a filing).

Click Here - To access to hundreds of other research resources.



Manage your Wyoming INC or LLC 

Keep your Wyoming Corporation Compliant

SmallBiZ Secretary

  • Protect your corporation's liability and tax benefits
  • One owner to multiple owners
  • Easy setup & management (10 minutes per year)
  • Email reminders before actions are due
  • Document all corporate actions quickly and easily
  • Stay on top of ALL Wyoming requirements


Services for your WY INC or LLC

·  SmallBiZ Secretary - Keep your WY Corp. compliant w/ state

·  Registered Agent Services

·  Foreign Authority Filing

·  Amending Articles

·  Dissolving your Entity

·  Fictitious or Assumed Name

·  Sub S Filing Assistance

·  EIN Basic or Full Services

·  Deluxe Company Kit

·  Corporate Forms CD

·  Operating Agreement CD

·  Company Seal

·  Stock/Member Certificates

·  Certified Copy of Articles

·  Certificate of Good Standing

·  International Apostille





Not associated with any government agency is not associated in any way directly or indirectly with any local, state, or federal governmental agency. Although many of the filing services we offer involve the filing of forms you can download for free on your state's website, we also provide you this information for free so that you can Do-It-Yourself.