Filing a DBA or Fictitious Business Name Registration in Mississ

By Michael Banner - Aug 13, 2013     

Any sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, or limited liability company can do business under an assumed name or DBA in Mississippi, by filing a Fictitious Business Name Registration with the Secretary of State of Mississippi.  Although filing a fictitious business name is not required.  In fact, it is completely voluntary. 


Additionally, registering a fictitious business name does not grant the registrant any exclusive right to use that name in Mississippi or elsewhere. 

So why even file a Fictitious Business Name? 

If your INC .or LLC is operating a business under a name that is different than your own, this filing will connect the two.  It is sort of like putting your name on a flag and hoisting it up a flag pole so that you can say publically, "I'm using this name!"

Again, it doesn't give you rights to that name, but it may give you one more example of your establishing rights to that name.  But, most of all it connects your entity to your business name.  That way, if one of your customers were to write a check written out to your business name, your INC or LLC could deposit it in its corporate account if the fictitious name were filed with the state.

It is also a cheaper and simpler alternative to forming a new INC or LLC for this business.  Of course, at any time you form an entity and move your business into that entity.

Below is an outline of the process.

Fictitious Business Name Registration Process

The process to form a Fictitious Business name in Mississippi is fairly simple and fairly cheap.  You'll file a form titled “Fictitious Business Name Registration” with the Secretary of State, along with $25.   Registration is good for five years and is renewable.


Some of the information required for filing:


The Fictitious Business Name


This is the name you will be doing business under


You do not have check name availability first – Any name you use will be acceptable, as long as it doesn’t have a corporate or LLC name ending


It will appear with the name of the legal entity which owns the business


Business Address


The address where the business is being operated


If multiple locations, you will need to list them




You will list an NAICS code which represents the nature of the business being operated


Business Email


You must provide one


This will not be public and will only be used by the state to send notices


Applicant’s Legal Name


You will need to list the legal name of the person or entity that owns the business


If an entity, you’ll need to list the business ID #

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