Nevada Small Biz

We've set up this page to provide your Nevada based business information & services that are specific to Nevada small biz owners.

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Nevada Commerce Tax Return Due 8/14/2017
6/26 - NV Fee increase eff. 7/1/15

Your Nevada Corporation or LLC

Incorporate in Nevada - Find out how to form a new Nevada Corporation or Limited Liability Company

Nevada Filing Requirements - What you need to do AFTER your form your INC or LLC in Nevada

Nevada Name Reservation - Go here to reserve your name first (before you INC or LLC)

Nevada Initial List - Find out about Nevada's Initial List requirement for all new corporations and LLCs

Nevada Annual List - Find out about Nevada's Annual List requirements for your corporation or LLC

Nevada Business License - Find out how all corporations, except a small few, must file an initial and ongoing business license fee.

Nevada Registered Agent - Get more information about registered agent service in Nevada for your INC or LLC

Making Changes to Your Nevada Corporation or LLC

Changing Your Entity Type - Find out how to change your Nevada INC to an LLC or our Nevada LLC to an INC

Removing a Member - Learn how to remove a member from an LLC.  It is not as simple as filing a document with the NV SOS.

Moving Nevada INC/LLC to Wyoming - Find out why other Nevada corporations and LLCs are moving their charters to Wyoming from Nevada and whether it makes sense for you.