Nevada Annual List


Every Nevada corporation or limited liability company is required to file an Annual List by the last day of the anniversary month of their entity's formation in Nevada. So, if a corporation were formed on March 1st, the Annual List would be due on March 31st of the following year and every year afterwords. The Annual List is due regardless of whether a corporation or LLC has conducted any business in or out of the state. To remain current the Annual List must be filed in a timely maner. The Annual List fee is $150. However, because almost every corporation and LLC is required to apply for a Nevada Business License, the license fee ($200 for LLCs and $500 for INCs) must accompany the Annual List or a total of either $350 or $650.

If the total fee is not submitted, or if the Annual List is received (not post-marked) after the due date, the corporation or LLC will be in “Default” status and a penalty of $175 will be due IN ADDITION to the Annual List and Business License fee. 

The Annual List can be filed by paper form sent to the Nevada Secretary of State or online.


All fees with List are payable to the Secretary of State of Nevada. When the fees have been paid and the List form filed, the NV Secretary of State will send a receipt, completed list copy, and business license.




How to file


Annual Lists can be filed by paper or online. Below are links to all of the forms:


· PDF Fillable form: Annual List of Officers and Directors (Profit)

· PDF Fillable form: Annual List of Officers and Directors (Non-Profit)

· Online Filing: Annual List of Officers and Directors

Limited Liability Companies

· PDF Fillable form: Annual List of Managers or Managing Members

· Online Filing: Annual List of Managers or Managing Members


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