How to convert your Nevada INC to LLC or LLC to INC

Perhaps you just formed your new Nevada INC or LLC and your advisor tells you, "You should have chosen the other type." Or maybe your situation has changed and you find the need to change from one entity type to another. Is this even possible? If so, how do you convert your Nevada Corporation to a Nevada LLC; or instead convert your Nevada LLC to a Nevada Corporation?

Below is a comprehensive discussion of the process to do this.

Entity Classification or Changing Entity Type

For the purposes of this discussion, when we are talking about changing or converting from one entity type to another, we are not speaking about just changing the entity’s “classification” or tax status with the IRS (see below for more information on this), we speaking about changing actual entity type at the state level.

Internal THEN External

Regardless of entity type, deciding to change from one type to another requires the approval of the authorized members/managers (in an LLC) or directors and shareholders (in an INC).  The formal acceptance of such a change must follow the entity’s operating agreement (in an LLC) or bylaws (in an INC) before a filing can be made on the state level.  See below for more detail on this.

Changing Entity Type in Nevada

Most states do not offer a simple methodology for changing entity type, however the state of Nevada does, and they make it fairly simple.  That is if a Nevada entity is current with all state filings, it can file to convert to the other entity type.


Want help converting your Nevada entity?

Here are Two Options

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Converting NV INC to LLC

To change your Nevada INC to a Nevada LLC, do the following:

  1. Hold a Special Meeting of your Board of Directors and resolve to change your entity type and a plan for conversion (i.e. how many shares of issued stock = % of ownership in new LLC);
  2. Hold a Special Shareholders Meeting and vote on this resolution;
  3. If approved in a manner fitting the corporate bylaws, file Articles of Conversion and Articles of Organization along with a check for $425 ($600 for 24 Expedited Service)


Converting NV LLC to INC

To change your Nevada INC to a Nevada LLC, do the following:

  1. Have the members (if member managed) or managers (if manager managed) agree to change the entity from LLC to INC and a plan of conversion (i.e. how each member’s ownership position will be exchanged for what number of shares of stock in the new corporation);
  2. If approved in a manner fitting the LLC’s operating agreement, file Articles of Conversion and Articles of Incorporation along with a check for $425 ($600 for 24 Expedited Service)