What is Nevada Commerce Tax?


Effective 7/1/15 the Nevada Legislature declared that every Nevada business, Nevada business entity or business entity registered to do business in Nevada, with Nevada gross revenue in excess of $4,000,000 for its previous fiscal year, must now pay a Nevada Commerce Tax.

Under the new law, the Nevada Department of Taxation requires that every Nevada business or entity registered in Nevada must file a Commerce Tax Return Form annually even if there is no tax liability.

Forms and tax (if any) are due by the 45th day after entity’s fiscal year end.

Since most businesses and entities file on a calendar year basis, the Commerce Tax Return Form is then due on or before February 15th ater its tax year. Filing of this form and paying tax can be done online at
https://www.nevadatax.nv.gov/web or by mail.

We developed this page and subsequent pages to assist Nevada business entities with this filing requirement.

Three Steps to Filing

FIRST STEP: Get Login Info By Mail
Login information (titled "Welcome to Nevada Commercial Tax") is sent to you directly, usually via your registered agent. If you've lost or never received this letter, go to the Second Step to set up your account and request this letter.

If you wish to file online, you must setup or register for online account with Department of Taxation.
NOTE: If you dont't register, you can file by mail.

CLICK HERE for the details

After you've established your online account, login, answer questions and file your return by the due date.
CLICK HERE for the details


The Quick & Dirty Details

What must be filed?
The Nevada Commerce Tax Return Form must be filed either electronically (online) or
by paper.

Who Must File?
With only a few exceptions, EVERY Nevada business and every Nevada business entity must file.
Read Statutes for details.

When is it due?
You must file this form 45 days after the end of your tax year, starting in 2015. For most of us smallbiz folk who started their business or entity sometime in 2015 (or before) and end their year on December 31st that means your form is due 2/15/17.





The 2017 Commerce Tax return is now due August 14.


As of 6/21/2017, the filing due date for the first Commerce Tax Filings are now 08/14/17.

30-Day Extension of Time to File and Pay Commerce Tax Form is now available for those who need to request an extension through September 13, 2017.


Other Links

> http://tax.nv.gov/comtax/