File Nevada Commerce Tax Return

Once you have received your verification email from the state (usually as little as an hour and as long as 3 business days), you can now file your Nevada Commerce Tax Return.

Here are the steps:

1. Login (using the login you created earlier). If you need more info on your login, go here:

2. Select a business - You must select the business entity you connected to your account in SECOND STEP, by clicking on the "Business" tab and selecting your business entity.

3. With your business showing, click "View" and "Go to Filings"

4. File - Click the green "File" button in the New Filing area

5. Answer the questions, which will include:
Return Period
- Select Period End Date
- Select NAICS category (they'll help you with this)
- Select applicable (i.e. amending return)
- Select that your business did not gross more than $4 million in Nevada (if applicable)

Tax Liability
- Enter your entity's NV Taxable Revenue
- Select the "penalty of purjury" clause and then Submit.

That's it! A PDF copy of your filing will be available in the Filing History, under your Filing Details page.

NOTE: If you have another return to file (for the next period), return to #4 and File again.