Oregon Small Biz

If you have a Oregon based small business or if you have explored setting up an INC. or LLC, or sole propretorship in Oregon. Guess what, YOU’RE HOME! Welcome to Oregon.

We’ve provided links below to everything you’re small business will need to do business in Oregon.

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Forming a new Oregon INC or LLC

NOT sure what to file!

Is an INC or LLC better?

Use the Decision Maker and find out

Also... INC vs. LLC or 
S Corp Advantages
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Why Oregon?

INC, LLC, or sole prop in Oregon?

Before you INC or LLC in Oregon

Oregon Filing Requirements - Before and after your entity has been formed

Incorporate (OR form an LLC) in Oregon

Oregon Registered Agent

Foreign Authority - Do you need to ALSO register in another state?


Let SmallBiZ Filings form your new NC INC or LLC

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After forming your Oregon INC or LLC

Oregon Annual Report – Find out the annual taxes and filing requirements for your North Carolina INC or LLC


Moving your INC or LLC to Oregon

Oregon Conversion – The process of moving your INC or LLC to NC


Managing your Oregon INC

Change INC Name – How to amend your corporation’s name

Change Authorized Stock – How to change the stock/currency of your corporation

Change Registered Agent – Learn how to change your agent to Smallbiz Agents, Inc.

Change INC Directors

Change INC Officers

Change INC Shareholders

Change INC to LLC

Dissolving your INC

Merging into another INC or LLC

Reinstating your Oregon INC

Managing your Oregon LLC

Change LLC Name

Change Registered Agent – Learn how to change your agent to Smallbiz Agents, Inc.

Change LLC Members

Change LLC Managers

Change LLC to INC

Dissolving your LLC

Merging into another LLC or INC

Reinstating your Oregon LLC


Filing an Assumed Name or DBA