How to reinstate your Oregon LLC

By Michael Banner - Jan 13, 2014     


Perhaps it slipped your mind and you didn’t realize that every year you are required by state law to file an annual report along with a fee of $275 to the Secretary of State.  Or maybe you were thinking that your LLC was not being operated and therefore didn't need to file an annual report.The fact is simply; If you fail to file an annual report plus fee every year, your entity will be administratively dissolved by the state. 

In other words,
your LLC is dead!

Now the good news:  The process to revive or reinstate your LLC in Oregon is a pretty straight forward and if you follow our suggestions below, your LLC can be reinstated in about a week, (longer if you use their mail process).

Checking the status

First you must check the status of your LLC.  To do this go to the state’s search area HERE and search by your company name.  I suggest that you use you’re the root of your company name in case you have forgotten a word or words that are part of your name.   In other words, if your company name is ABC Investments, LLC, search for “ABC” or “ABC Invest”.  You will most likely be presented with multiple name choices, so look through the list and click on the name record that is yours to see the full record.


Once you have found your record, there are three things you should pay attention to:

Your Registry Number

Copy LLC’s Registry Number (Registry Nbr)  or make a note of it, you will need this in the next step.


Your Entity Name

Be sure you know exactly how your entity name is listed.  I may be different from what you remember


Your Entity Status

Near the top of the record your will find your “Entity Status.”  Your options and what your possible actions are described below:



Activity Needed


Your entity is Active

Nothing needed


Inactive or dissolved

Follow reinstatement process below


In Process

Wait for your filing to be completed.  Check back



Your entity is not filed for various reasons – Call state if you do not know why


The Reinstatement Process

To start reinstatement of your LLC, do the following:


CLICK HERE to try and file a renewal online (even if your entity is  “Inactive”).  Here you will enter in your Registry Number.  If your entity is not eligible for renewal, it will tell you this (in red) and give you an option for generating a reinstatement form.




Click on the reinstatement form link and a pop-up html form will appear.  You cannot edit this, so simply print both pages.




Send this form with $550 (includes the annual report fee of $275) to:



Secretary of State

Corporations Division

255 Capital Street NE, Suite 151

Salem, OR  97310-1327


NOTE:  You can also fax this to the state (503) 378-4381 with your credit card info


The state will send you your approval 3 to 5 business days later.


Other considerations

Once you have reinstated your entity, be sure to note the annual report due date so that you will not forget to renew in the future.


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