Introducing 1800 Accountant

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with 1800 Accountant.
  This partnership is exciting for us for many reasons:

They are a Great company

Focused on small business owners

Very reasonably priced accounting services

They are good at figuring out what your business may need

FREE tax webinars

FREE Consultation

Let me be more specific… 

Great Company

Although we work with 1000’s of accountants and CPA’s all over the country, we couldn’t offer a solution to small businesses in their local area; or those who had needs in multiple states.  1800 Accountant offers a unique mix of that personal one-on-one accounting advise that most small business owners require, but they also have a nearly limitless ability to help you whether your business is in one state or every state!

Focused on small business owners

Although the big accounting firms offer multi-state help for business owners, their focus is not on the small business owner like it is with 1800 Accountant.  Their services were developed for the smallbiz person, which is why we were interested in helping them get their services to you.

Very reasonably priced accounting services

1800 Account’s prices are very reasonable.  Not only from the basics of filing your corporate, LLC, and/or personal tax returns, but for any other accounting and tax services your business may need:

Ø  Unlimited consulting

Ø  Tax return preparation and filing

Ø  Bank reconciliation

Ø  Payroll

Ø  Audits

Ø  Much more

They are good at figuring out what your business may need

Their experts ask probing questions to find out what your small business may have missed, and what accounting solutions they can offer to help your business grow and avoid potential tax or accounting issues later.

FREE tax webinars

Their tax experts are putting on Webinars all the time.  If you are a Member of, even if you have not purchased any services from us before, you can sign up for a FREE webinar.  For more details go to our Accounting Help page:

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FREE Consultation! customers are given a free consultation.  After you have ordered from us, we will give you the option of receiving FREE tax consultation from one of 1800 Accountant’s experts.  You will be able to schedule your consultation almost immediately or at some time in the future.  If you aren’t sure, we’ll remind you of this benefit, so you don’t miss out on it.

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