Promotional Codes

Welcome to our Promotional Codes page.  Below is a listing of our current promotions and their corresponding codes, limitations, and how to use them.


To use a promo code, simply type in the code as instructed below (when you see the "Promotional Code:" prompt) and click on the "Apply" button.  Because a promotional code will often require that you select other services (and/or package types) to qualify, when you apply a code, those services (and package) will be pre-selected for you.  If a service and/or package is required for a promotion, you will not be able to de-select unless you remove the promotional code first.  To remove a promotional code, click on the "Remove this code" link. 



Vets get $5 off any order

Promo Code:  Vet2013 

Description:  $5 off for Vets - Veterans of US Armed Forces get our $5 off any new filing order. 
The Catch:  You must be a US Vet.  We will ask you to provide a copy of military ID or honorable discharge proof after you order.  The discount only applies to first time customers of or someone who has not ordered in the last 12 months.  Only one discount per person.
Why we are doing this:  We want all US military to how very much we appreciate their service to this country. 

Expiration:  For a limited time only!


Promo Code:  FREE

Description:  Incorporate for FREE!  Order our SmallBiZ Secretary compliance service & get our filing service free!

The Catch:  You must also order our SmallBiZ Secretary compliance service.  To qualify, select "Build your Own Package" + "State Fees" + "SmallBiZ Filing Service" + "SmallBiZ Secretary".    The INC for FREE discount already exists in the Complete & Premium packages.  So, if you are ordering other services too, you might want to check on these package prices first.

Why we are doing this:  We want to encourage people to try our SmallBiZ Secretary service. 

Expiration:  Limited time

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