Brake Masters, based in Tucson, Arizona, plans to add 25 stores by next year to the 75 stores it already has. This is while most competitors are growing much slower or even shuttering some of its stores. How will Brake Masters grow its stores by 33% next year when the industry is consolidating and giants such as, Firestone Tire & Service grew by just 3% or Econo Lube N? Tune & Brakes of California closed 13% of its stores?

Using mottos like, ?We give you an honest brake,? and straight forward service, Brake Masters has created a reputation for good service. An easy to read repair menu is in plain view of every store, so there is little dispute about prices. Also, its employees are paid salaries rather than on commission, reducing the potential for conflicts.

Owners and brothers, Shalom & Eric Laytin started Brake Masters in Tucson in 1982, because it was a smaller market and less prone to competition. The first year, with a tool box, word of mouth advertising and a lot of word, Eric Laytin grossed $100,000 in sales. Shalom, joined his brother after words. The second store came two years after the first. Although sales grew slow at first, by 1992 the brothers opened a store outside of Tucson, in Albuquerque. By 1993, they were writing up their franchise agreement.

Franchising is a large part of their growth plans today. One franchisee has plans to open 11 stores in San Antonio, which is a new market for the company.

Currently, their privately held business has annual sales exceeding $40 million and employs approximately 800 people. Their 75 stores are half corporately owned and half franchised and are located in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada & Nebraska.