has announced new changes to its SmallBiZAffiliate signup. Now, small business providers (i.e. Accountants, attorneys, etc.) can sign up quickly to offer Incorporation & LLC formation services to their clients. ?What often took 10 minutes or more now only takes seconds,? says Michael Banner, President.

Once signed up, Affiliates can order immediately by going to the INCORPORATE tab and choosing the products and services they want for their clients.

New Customization ? SmallBiZ Affiliates can now offer new customization to their Incorporator Site. ?Besides offering incorporation & LLC formation services to their clients, Affiliates can now format their Incorporator Site (using unique software) so it looks more like their own,? says Banner.

Why become an Affiliate? ?Your order has priority over all other orders,? says Michael Banner. ?If an Affiliate submits an Expedited order, it gets done first! Additionally, we upgrade all Affiliate packages such as providing an Attaché Case for all corporate & LLC kits.?

Sign up for FREE. ?Since there is no cost to sign up to become an Affiliate, there is no reason for a small business provider not to sign up.?

To become an affiliate, go to and click on the Become an Affiliate link. is a fully integrated provider of small business services and products offered through, one of its many sister sites (i.e.,,, etc.) and a worldwide network of SmallBiZ Affiliates.