, a leading provider of incorporation & LLC formation services, has launched a valuable new service for accountants, attorneys and other small business service providers.'s new service, Incorporator Private Label, enables accountants and other service providers to offer 50 state EZ online incorporations on their own websites. With its proprietary software, SmallBiZ Affiliates can offer incorporation and LLC formation packages to their clients which include formation services plus the Affiliate?s own services. ?For instance,? explained Michael Banner, President of, ? might take care of the forming of the company and printing the stock certificates and the Affiliate might answer any questions, get their tax ID numbers and go over the initial paperwork with their clients. For this our average Affiliate is making SEVERAL HUNDERED DOLLARS per order!?

Additionally, Incorporator Private Label is customized to each Affiliate?s own website. So, it will have the same look and feel as the Affiliate?s website and the client?s perception will be that all the processing and fulfillment is handled by the Affiliate. ?In fact,? Mr. Banner continued, ?all the information on their incorporator site and all paperwork generated will be customized to be representative of their practice.?

?If the accountant were to try to design something similar, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. We give them our system for free!?

If the accountant (or other service provider) doesn?t have a website also offers what they call a ?Professional Instant Accounting Web Site? for $29.95/month. ?We can have their practice online in 10 minutes,? Mr. Banner explained.

Incorporator Private Label and other Affiliate services are available to any accountant, attorney or service provider who becomes a SmallBiZ Affiliate. To become an Affiliate of and offer the Incorporator Private Label to clients, go to the just launched website,