In spite of what you hear in the news, the Internet is not dead when it comes to small businesses! More small businesses are connected to the Internet than ever before and the growth trend is expected to continue. A recent report by, estimated that 5,896,000 small businesses or 78% are connected to the Internet. This compares to 4.5 million connected in 2000, a 31% growth explosion in one year!

The report says further, that nearly half of all US small biz owners have what it calls, ?active purposeful websites.?

The report also estimates that 6.3 million small businesses will be connected in 2002 and 6.6 million in 2003. They estimate that this will equate to 85% of all US small businesses. Small businesses have been lagging in this area for years compared to other segments.

All of this is great news for companies providing services and products via the Internet to small businesses. Just imagine if your target market were to grow over 30% in one year! It also means small biz owners will finally be utilizing the Internet to make their businesses more competitive now and in the future. This report also gives us yet one more example of how small businesses are providing the strength and stability, which is keeping our economy a float.