Tucson, Arizona July 16, 2001 For Immediate Release

What Your Small BiZ Needs - SmallBiZ.com Launches

Over a year in the making, Michael Banner, President/CEO of SmallBiZ.com, announced the official launch of SmallBiZ.com today as the one stop source for small business resources developed and created by small biz owners.

SmallBiZ.com is the most comprehensive and completely integrated resource site for small businesses to obtain services, products and information to start, operate or sell their businesses.

What makes SmallBiZ.com unique is it?s easy to use platform that can be accessed by ONE password. Information is inputted once. Each search, purchase or inquiry adds to and improves a user?s personalization, making SmallBiZ.com much more useful and simple for them.

?There are a lot of resources available to the small biz owner, but who has time to find the right information? What we are really offering a small biz person is more time!? Said Michael Banner CEO, ?We designed The SmallBiZ.com Network of sites to allow users to easily visit, get what they need and leave!?

SmallBiZ.com also provides more regional versions of its main website. So, small biz owners in each region or state (i.e. SmallBiZAZ.com in Arizona, SmallBiZCA.com in California, and so forth) can get more locally focused information & services. ?No other website or network of websites offers this kind of regional option to small businesses for local news, information, advertising abilities and resources,? says Banner.

SmallBiZ.com will provide many low cost, high quality Premium services as well as FREE services. Some of the services will include: incorporation and LLC formation at SmallBiZIncorporator.com (for as little as $31 plus state fees), online business experts at SmallBiZGuru.com, affordable web sites for as low as $9.95 per month at SmallBiZWebCafe.com, domain name registration, easy to find small business related articles and news stories, businesses for sale throughout the country, franchises and business opportunities as well as chat rooms, research and marketing opportunities.

Contact-MJ Jensen
Marketing Director
520-326-7469 (fax)
mailto:[email protected]

Michael Banner, President
4363 E. 4th St.
Tucson, Arizona 85711
mailto:[email protected]