Last Monday, the Goliath of domain name registration, VeriSign was served with a lawsuit, accusing it of the practice of domain slamming. The suit, brought on by significantly smaller BulkRegister, is requesting a temporary restraining order and injunction against VeriSign.

Domain slamming, occurs when domain name registrars cause domain name owners to change their domain name registration from their existing company by using misrepresentation and false advertising. The name was coined from "phone slamming," the illegal practice conducted by long distance companies to scam consumers into switching their long distance services.

VeriSign (as reported in the's 5/13 story) is accused of sending out "Expiration Notices" starting April 25 with a deadline of Wednesday for renewal, whether the domain was actually set to expire or not. The contention is that consumers pay the notice, without realizing that they have just requested the transfer of a domain to VeriSign and at a significantly higher annual rate.

BulkRegister also contends that the inadvertent switch could result in the domain name owners? loss of domain name service (DNS), the service that resolves a customer?s domain address with an IP Address.

The suit alleges two counts of false advertising, one count of tortuous interference with contractual relations and one count of tortuous interference with economic opportunity.

Comments from VeriSign officials were unavailable for this story.